Dos And Don’ts Of Styling With Shoes

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Everyone wants look and feel beautiful, and the first place you need to start off with after your body is your outfit. No outfit is complete without its accessories, and shoes play a major part in it. So here are some dos and don’ts you need to be mindful of when accessorizing with your shoes.

Do contrast

When you aren’t matchy, matchy there is a better chance that you can make your outfit stand out in a large crowd even if it is the simplest kind. Matching doesn’t mean its all horrible, but when there is a contrast or complementing shade, it just tends to look better. So even if you have some simple sandals you bought at womens summer sandals wholesale it would work as long as it stands out in terms of color, with your overall outfit.

Don’t mix dark with light

When an outfit is of a lighter shade, the womens ankle boots that you pair with it should never be of a dark shade. The simple rule is that light goes with light and dark goes with dark. This way the outfit is balanced out and looks good.

Do match the color for the purpose

While colors have a deep meaning behind them, they are also able to project a message too. This why at certain events you wear certain colors and other times you avoid them. This is the same rule that works with the shades of shoes too. If you are aiming at creating a professional look then you should choose the shades black, grey, blue and brown which are soberer and fitting when compared with red, suede and other funky colors that would work well for parties and galas.

Don’t compromise on comfort

While looking chic and stunning is a concern that many women have when attending parties and other events, it should never be a reason to compromise on comfort. You should never put your feet through a hard time when you know for yourself that you wouldn’t be able to bear them too long. When making such shoe choices you also need to consider the location and purpose of the event. You might want to look glamourous at a golf field with your amazing pumps, but they are not practical and uncomfortable for such places. So think twice on what you want to put yourself through and always prioritize comfort over anything else. Another don’t that you need to be mindful of is to never combine sparkly dresses with sparkly shoes, because that just screams gaudy from miles away. So consider these dos and don’ts and pair your shoes well with your outfits!

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